Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The game pieces to represent players will be the Rutgers mascot in various colors. We have not chosen an exact design yet.


The image on the left was the original idea of the game. We have made many different adjustments to the game because we are going to have more of a grid game. When we started the R U RAH RAH board game we were working with a 17 and up age group which was going to include prospective, current, and alum players, but after much thinking we have changed our audience to incoming first year students. We are designing the game to be played during Orientation so incoming students can get a grasp of Rutger's in a fun way. We will have all four campuses on the game board and each campus will be like a form of a candyland board game and then we will have roads and grids connecting all four campuses. The different grid boxes will have a variety of tasks and will also have spots that will require you to pick up a card. We also decided to have each campus themed almost like Cranium so the different campuses will vary in tasks. The game will still have some decks of cards with trivia and obstacles that occur on the way. We will be using a "knight express" card that in the beginning of the game will have a certain amount of money and during the game you can use it to get out of tasks. However, we are still working on how we want to implement the knight express to the outcome of the game.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RU RAH RAH! Can You Make it Around Rutger's Without Breaking a Sweat?

September 16,2009
We picked this game because we felt that it was the most marketable and that we could build upon it to make it more enjoyable for the target audience.